FBBasic focuses on the regeneration of raw materials. We do this by transforming linear production- and consumption systems into circular systems, that we strengthen step by step.


Raw materials are scarce and are becoming increasingly scarce, especially in Europe. Using less raw materials only delays the inevitable just a bit: they run out. This scarcity requires a different view on raw materials: recovery should be the greates source.


FBBasic is a company led by Frans Beckers. FBBasic works with a core team, but moreover with an extensive network of specialists. Our people have lots of in-depth experience and have conducted many circular material projects in the past years, within FBBasic or from previous employment backgrounds.


No loss of valuable raw materials! In 98% of the cases current recycling is passive: only with the end-of-use product in our hands we start to think about a way to recover the different parts and raw materials once we no longer use the product. Our mission is to switch to active recycling. This means that in the design stage of a product it is already known how we can recuperate components and raw materials after the useful life of the product.


Our main topic is the regeneration of raw materials. We develop, support and execute. We help companies, government bodies and other institutions to converse their linear production and consumption systems into a circular system, whether or not based on the principle of Cradle to Cradle®. This not only involves producing companies, but also facility organizations, financial parties, waste management companies, policy makers and logistic service providers.


FBBasic has its core team, but especially works with an extensive network of experienced specialists.

Before Frans founded FBBasic, he worked in the waste management sector for 15 years, in the health sector for 5 years and 7 years at the chemical company DSM. Now he focuses on the regeneration of raw materials through product- and system innovation.

Frans Beckers

Founder and owner

From this team directing and editing of a project is done and our affiliates are being supported. Where necessary specialists from our network get engaged.


A strong team

The network of FBBasic is inexhaustible, always allowing us to be able to push forward the right knowledge, experience and skills, but also giving us access to the latest insights and developments, at both companies and knowledge institutions.


An extensive network of experienced experts



1 m3
mobile phones contains more gold than 1 m3 gold ore
9 billion
people can be fed if the layer of humus on Earth is restored
1 Month
Urbanization is going so rapidly, that every month, a new city of 18 million people can arise
40 Years
of primary copper is left on our globe (US Commodity Research)



FBBasic focuses on the four following elements of a circular system. Where necessary we also support in the fields of business model innovation, marketing & communications and change management. We develop, support and execute. Next to this, we operationalize through Cofa and we develop supporting IT-applications through Cirmar



A smart design is crucial to make it possible to regenerate parts and raw materials of a product in the next use phase. Products need to be designed in such a way whereb it is clear in advance what useful life applies, how they are composed, but also how they can easily be disassembled. Important here is that there is no loss of quality. FBBasic guides the product design, which will eventually lead to a material passport and where needed certification.


When building circular systems, efficient reverse logistics is crucial. It is important that no contamination takes place with products and materials that are not designed for circular systems and are still classified as waste. FBBasic cooperates in a network of facilities and logistics organizations, so materials can be collected at the source and possibly aleady be assessed and sorted.


Product design and recycling technologies are slowly coverging. If it is already known in the design phase of a product how the product should be disassembled after being used, the proper and affodable technology should be also available. FBBasic works together with companies in the field of these technologies, initiates innovation and brings together questions, answers and companies. And, if necessary, FBBasic can also operationalize the activities through Cofa.


Regenerated raw materials, to specification, will have to be recognisable and available for the market. This requires a specifically designed material bank, where supply and demand of suitable recycled materials meet. FBBasic facilitates this material bank, C-Bank, through our affiliate Cirmar and bings together supply and demand at the same time.


Sittard, Nederland
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